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VinFast VF e34’s Unveil Livestreaming Event

The Brief

The outbreak of the Covid pandemic in 2019 has led to many negative impacts on all aspects of life, especially in information exchange and marketing/sales activities.

Choosing to launch a product that is still unfamiliar to most Vietnamese – Electric cars, right during the pandemic is a very bold decision of VinFast. Customers will approach the car through the product’s model only and make a pre-order for the car before any test drive is conducted– these are extremely challenging hurdle for the brand with the safe habit among Vietname customers of having to experience the car carefully before making a purchasing decision.

Therefore, the VF e34 launch campaign requires Aurora to propose new forms of digital communication, ensuring both convincing customers about the features of electric vehicles, affirming the brand image and increasing the number of customer orders during the quarantine period.



Our Approach

With the two Livestreaming events, “Discover the Blue Future” (April) and “Opening a New Era” (October), Aurora accompanies VinFast to directly introduce outstanding features of the VF e34, convincing customers and increasing pre-order conversion rate.

Event 1: Livestream “Discover the Blue Future" – April

Aurora has optimized the normal online Livestream format into an interactive O2O game show, both broadcasting on Facebook whilst consulting through the Showroom to help increase persuasion with customers.

  • Via Online, customers will have the opportunity to interact directly with experts to answer questions, play decoding games with famous KOLs such as Runner-up Miss Vietnam - Phuong Anh, MC&Vlogger Khanh Vy, Travel Blogger Quang Dai, National Football Player Bui Tien Dung.
  • Via Offline platform at Showrooms, customers are directly consulted by VinFast staff on pre-order policies, and met with customers who have used VinFast products’s to listen and share about the brand’s offerings.

Event 2: Livestream “Open a new era” – October

Aurora communicated the VinFast VF e34 Launch event on social platforms with impressive 3D and Graphic combination posts. The campaign focuses on the element of ”Opening" to arouse the excitement of customers when seeing the actual image of the VF e34 for the first time. Even though it only started communicating 7 days before the event, the campaign still brought VinFast engagement and reach new records on social media platforms.


Interact with KOLs

Answer questions with experts

Vote for the winning team to receive gifts

Livestream Event: Discover the Blue Future


Are you curious about what will the world look like and how will Vietnam's traffic be developed in the next 10 years? Join with VinFast to open the door of a new era in the Livestream: Discover The Blue Future’.

And for many sleepless nights to create the success of this project, thank you our beloved Light Chasers and friends.