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Who are Light Chasers?

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Light Chasers is a phrase that often appears at Aurora Vietnam. So who are the Light Chasers, and what are their missions? Let's find out together!

Definition of Light Chasers

To define Light Chasers, let's go back to the name Aurora. Aurora (also known as Aurora), is a natural phenomenon characterized by a range of colors of light in the night sky that is rare, hard to find and sometimes you have to "hunt" to get it admire. Therefore, the members of the Aurora family are also known by other names as Light Chasers who believe in the light of positive things, and relentlessly pursue it with all their abilities.

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Attributes of Light Chasers

Each Light Chaser carries within itself the fire of the A-Spirit spirit: dare to dream, dare to pursue. On its journey, each Light Chaser needs to preserve, nurture and develop 5 important things:

Light Chasers' Quest

Light Chasers has a very special mission: Helping partners reach new heights, achieve success, develop and spread good values ​​in the community and society.

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