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The gift box meets all expectations - Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan

OFFER 10% EARLY ORDER before January 14, 2023

✅ Individual customers: 10% off - the price is only VND 1,439,000 and comes with a lucky porcelain cat statue

✅ Corporate customers: 10% discount with support for printing logo on the box upon request and issuing VAT invoice.

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Tet is approaching knocking on the front door, as if reminding us of an approaching reunion season. Temporarily putting aside the hustle and bustle of work, have you chosen for yourself a suitable Tet gift that is both luxurious, unique, and has spiritual value, but still minimizes the cost?

Send the best to the one you love, wrapped in the Spring Festival - Gift Box that meets all your expectations of a Tet gift.

Exquisitely beautiful, to impress at first sight

The box has an eye-catching design, which is shown through layers of paintings and delicate and luxurious needlework lines. The painting painted on the box vividly depicts the scene of spring sprouting on the porch, with peach apricots in full bloom, swallows flying joyfully in the sky to welcome us back home. The door on the box also symbolizes the wish for a roof that is always open to welcome us back.

Full of flavor, so that the Tet party is full

The gift box is a miniature party, when Taste - Smell are all treated with 08 flavors of Tet, corresponding to 08 high-class gifts from L'ang Farm: Dried Mango, Shredded Beef, Cashew Nuts , Strawberry candy, Green tea, Lotus seeds, Coffee, Grapefruit. You can be assured of the taste, product quality as well as the completeness of a Tet gift box to give as a gift.

To the material, to decorate the spring day

"Eighth of Nghinh Xuan" is made with luxurious velvet paper material, glides on the surface as smooth as velvet. The gift box also includes a decorative gift set with: 08 red envelopes, decorative hanging ropes, 01 lucky porcelain cat statue... These are both accessories to help decorate the home in early spring, spreading the joy of Tet; both show the thoughtful thoughtfulness of the giver and the wishes of a prosperous and full new year.

Have fun connecting, so that Tet is full of laughter

Tet would not be complete without bonding games and laughter. With the board game version "You come to the house" for the occasion of meeting friends, you will definitely have to open your heart to more than 40 interesting challenges. With the version of "The whole family loves each other", this will be a bridge to help families gather together to truly bond, away from electronic devices, and bring everyone back to the dear memories of Tet.

Unique experience, to keep many memories

Get ready to immerse yourself in Tet memories from familiar sounds through an emotional podcast channel. The gift box will bring you unique experiences such as: Reciting poetry to guess the taste, listening to the sound of Tet, especially for those who are celebrating Tet in a far away place.

For the buyer, the gift box is a sincere heart, good wishes given to the recipient. For Aurora Agency, the gift box is a "brainchild" full of enthusiasm and passion, filled with pride.

Therefore, we firmly believe that “Eighth Vi Nghinh Xuan” is the perfect choice for a creative Tet gift, offering many unique integrated experiences, suitable for multi-generation Vietnamese families.

Visit website augiftset.vn  or call Hotline 085 818 7786 to receive advice on Tet gift boxes "Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan".