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September Recruitment

The English content below is automatically generated by Google translate. Please ignore any wrong wordings or you can read the Vietnamese version here or simply by changing the default language into Vietnamese.

"Asked his ladder to heaven 

When will I get a thousand CVs?" 

Quote from the HR person at Au's house who is waiting day and night for his genuine CVs from all over the world to send to the positions: Creative Account, Content Creative, Visual Creative & Project Assistant. 

To become a teammate of the boat council, to accompany each other in big projects, please quickly apply at [email protected]

Whether it's a Trainee mat that hasn't been experienced or a Senior who is knowledgeable about the industry, apply boldly because we welcome all levels 🥰 

Photo source used for the design: Mai Trung Thu

“Choose a mango, don't let the mango sour 
Choose not to let work be more sour than a mango” 

Here is a job that is sweeter than a mango, better than an old lover, full salary, full food, daily nap, weekly happy time, monthly family day, fun projects, funny colleagues, boss sometimes eat.
“The rain does not stop. What job does not have a file-pot” 

Find Visual who can cry, laugh, know how to be the right person to meet deadlines, know how to save files when working, don't complain when teamwork: https://bit.ly/VisualCreativeJD
It turns out that romance is not summer, romance is every job season with a high-rise running with Creative. 

Just love the job, love the boss, love the teammates, don't sit on the customers' heads: https://bit.ly/accountcreative
3 generations of people looking for fullstack content, my agency only hires full-time Content. 

Just like to read, like to write, like to create ideas, not play hide and seek during the hour, do not turn off surprises, be sad or sad, then do the following: https://bit.ly/ContetCreative
Sadness of Project Assistant: More projects are tiring, but less projects are anxious and restless. 

Looking for Project Assistant who has a job, loves to research, lives with taste, works well, manages projects smoothly, resides in Hanoi: https://bit.ly/projectassistantjd
Who doesn't have a job? 
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