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Mixtape Hanoi
Mixtape Hanoi #2: Nostalgia Bat Dan

One autumn morning in Hanoi, with Mixtape knocked on the door of 5 Bat Dan house, encountered a lively old Hanoi among the quiets of everyday life and talked with Uncle Canh - the "living library" of stories that are growing, waiting to be told and heard... What made Uncle Canh - the 80-year-old teacher still plying with a treasure trove of old books worth a fortune in a 4-storey house lying dormant in the middle of Bat Dan street "an inch of land is an inch of gold?". What has made the old books that no one remembers and knows the names of are still cherished and lovingly preserved by the uncle through the changes of culture and history?

The English content below is automatically generated by Google translate. Please ignore any wrong wordings or you can read the Vietnamese version simply by changing the default language into Vietnamese.

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