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Light's Way of Thinking: 05 Tips for Creative Storytelling

Light's Way of Thinking is a series of Light Chaser series documenting valuable knowledge in the advertising creative industry, shared by leading industry experts.

Known as the author of 02 books in the creative industry: "Think out of the book", "Make friends with pictures, make love with words", Doc To Ti (Tran Van Toan) is also a great tree in the industry with more than 20 years as Creative Director at leading domestic and international agencies.

In an exclusive Workshop series with Aurora Vietnam, Mr. Doc To Ti shared his passion for the creative journey: From the method of deepening the idea, the application of the implementation to the industry perspective; How to deal with rejected ideas and low notes in the early years of creative work.

In the first issue of Light's Way of Thinking series, Aurora shares with you how Doc Toi Ti tells stories in Creative Concept with some interesting storytelling methods.

The essence of the idea is the story
In the midst of a saturated market with similar functional products, brands will face many challenges in brand positioning and differentiation from competitors. From the perspective of a creative communicator, according to Mr. Doc To Ti, the story can also become a USP for different brands. The same message, different stories will make customers have different thoughts and feelings to make different decisions. It is a communication strategy that brands with the same functions and benefits use to differentiate themselves in the minds of customers.

For Mr. Doc To Ti, a story can come from a series of real or fictitious events or a content or message told in language - in the form of writing, speaking, images, sounds... To sell story for the client, first convince your teammates who share the same love and interest in your idea. It is necessary to ensure that the story must have an intersection between 3 areas: Brand - Consumer - Personal inspiration.

To have a good story, we need a different perspective
“It will have to be a story that makes customers want to Hear - Understand - Like - Remember - Tell. In addition, a good story must also ensure two factors: Having a core message and having a main heart, "- Mr. Doc To Ti shared.
However, the common challenge of both the Agency and the Client is still the problem of how to make customers Listen - Understand - Like - Remember - Tell in the midst of today's countless advertisements. When we have a different perspective than the majority, different ideas will come.

For example, in the work "The Tale of Kieu", from the scene where Kim Trong first met Thuy Kieu, Nguyen Du wrote:

Se will hold the land on the side
Half-yellow, half-green grass tip oil

From a literary point of view, we can understand that this verse is describing the scene of Thuy Kieu and Thuy Van going to the grave and getting to know Kim Trong. But if from a humorous perspective not in Tales of Kieu, the details "sè sè" and "half yellow, half green" can be linked to create a situation of "bad crying and laughing" in modern times - the origin of for another story.

It can be said that a different perspective is one of the basic creative methods when building ideas. However, one of the potential risks for divergent views is the degree of contagion and impact on public perception. If there is a different but positive perspective, it will be the idea of ​​changing perceptions in a positive direction. In the opposite case, it will have a negative effect on society and creators need to be careful with this.

It's not enough to just be good, it's necessary to master story creation
In the process of story-building, besides the core idea, story-building - storytelling is a transmission tool to attract listeners:

Building a story, in addition to a different perspective, needs to be related to the consumer's Insight, know how to cover the skin with other factors to have a surprise, create feelings of nostalgia for customers. row.

Storytelling is the process of how we convey, in such a way that it arouses curiosity to retain viewers and emphasizes our message in their minds. These two criteria are the inspiration for him to create his own secret: Setting - Punching method. A crisp example of laughter that Doc Toi Ti shared with Aurora:

Thus, "Setting" is understood as creating a knot, putting the listener in a strange, bizarre, and unusual context to push the story development to the climax, attracting viewers' curiosity, and " Punching” is a way of removing buttons with an unexpected twist, making a strong impression on customers' emotions.

How to present decides the "liveliness" of the story
Even if there is a good story with interesting storytelling aimed at consumers, the biggest barrier that determines the life of your "child" is to convey the story to the customer so that "the mother is round and the child is square". ".

The solution Mr. Doc Toi suggests is to build a solid outline. The outline is so simple, about 5 - 6 lines at most, summarizing important key details so that customers get the general idea, without losing important information or messing up the story line.

For example, on TVC 15s of Crocodile Vodka, we can write a basic outline as follows: The girl met a very negative story and asked to jump from the building (Setting) - The character representing Vodka came to intervene and offered her a drink of Vodka. crocodile - The girl regains her composure and life blooms again.

After all, practice is still the fastest way to create a good story
Ideas, stories - All are a long learning process, measuring the bravery of a creative person. “For a person to have an idea, a story to attract listeners from the first time, they have to go through countless times of practice and practice every day.” Watch ads actively, learn to analyze because each ad is a different story. The simplest way to do it starts with writing down: What is the main message, what is the plot of the story, where is the heart of the story...

“If Advertising and I become one, then when I write stories and ideas, I also write for my own life” - Mr. Doc Tu Ti ended the Workshop "Learning to tell stories" with a full message. sincerely.

👉🏻 There will be many more professional training sessions, as well as exclusive Au workshops in the coming months, readers, please stay tuned for the next issues on Aurora's fanpage & website!

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