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Kenh14.vn - Tet closes the door or closes your heart?

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After 360 days of hectic work, many people consider Tet as the only time to rest, so they choose to close the door to "eat Tet together" or "go up" to travel. This New Year has reduced the expectations and eagerness of the past; Or do we like to hide in our own world?

When young people choose to experience Tet alone

“Why does this year go by so fast?”, “I haven’t done anything yet, but it’s already Tet?”, “Having to spend a ton of money for Tet”… Sighs, anxious thoughts Follow me in the last days of the year. Instead of being excited and happy about the moment of reunion after a long year, Tet is now like a responsibility that we have to carry.

When Tet comes, we have to face more pressure from dozens of repeated questions: "When will you get married", "Do you have a lot of Tet bonus this year", "Working in the city must be very high salary, right?" ...

That's why we find Tet is no longer worth looking forward to but becoming annoying. On the first day of the year, the crowded roads gave way to spacious streets, and the crowded shops are now quiet. For many people, they choose to close the door, curl up in a blanket, live in their own world to make up for the hard days.

Others choose to plan to go to a far away place. “Tet is very tiring now, just hoping to finish Tet quickly to avoid having to answer some ungodly questions. In the past few years, when the epidemic was limited, it was better to go to each other's houses,   this year, I will probably travel from the 2nd to save trouble" - Duc (Cau Giay, Hanoi) shared. It seems that people are no longer interested in reunions and reunions on Tet.

Closed doors make the atmosphere of Tet more and more quiet

Close the door or close your heart?

On New Year's Eve, behind a closed room door, we hastily sent two or three lines of messages congratulations to friends, relatives, colleagues with the same message just change the name. Is everyone's feelings and hearts in the messages, or is it just politeness, a must-have annual practice?

Modern life is convenient and comfortable, not many people are busy going up and down, knocking on every door on the occasion of spring. Gradually reduce New Year's greetings to distant relatives, visits to acquaintances, if any, also become rushed.

Open the door wide, open your heart, to welcome Tet with many connections and love

Only when we open the door can we see Tet coming back in excitement. Step out on the porch, to taste the sweetness of spring in the cold weather, to raise your hand to catch the spring raindrops fluttering in the wind, to feel agitated before the peach blossom blooms, to see that Tet is still reserved. for everyone.

Inspired by the wide open spring door frame, the special Tet gift box "Spring Spring Bowl" not only has a delicate design and luxurious sturdy manufacturing materials, but also carries the meaning and desire of a home. The taste is always open to welcome everyone back.

Open the door to welcome Tet with many connections, love

In particular, the gift box is designed to integrate with two versions of the game located on the back of the box, which is a bridge for people to come together and enjoy the true meaning of reunion that Tet in recent years. is gradually lost. If "You come to play at home" is a "drinking game" for the occasion of meeting friends, "The whole family loves each other" is for parents to play with children, bringing laughter to the New Year.

Connect to make Tet more fun

In order to bring a tray of Tet jam full of flavor, “Eat of Nghinh Xuan” carefully selected  08 flavors including: Mango Sour, Spicy Beef, Salty Cashew Nuts, Sweet Strawberry Candy, Flavor Green tea, lotus seed, dried pomelo... from L'ang Farm - the leading high-quality Dalat agricultural product brand in Vietnam.

Tet is full of flavors, colors and bowls of flavors

Owning the "Eight of Spring Festival", customers also receive a gift of familiar Tet sounds, immersed in the memories of the old New Year days through an emotional podcast channel.

Above all, Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan contains the wish to send thousands of joys and surprises with 30 gifts wrapped inside. Not only includes 08 gift boxes with familiar flavors, 02 creative game versions and a set of 04 cats "Tu Quy Cat Tuong", the owner of "Eight of Nghinh Xuan" will also receive 08 more pressed red envelopes. Luxury with 08 decorative cards to hang trees to make spring day decoration more interesting.

Thousands of joys and surprises come from 30 gifts from Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan

A friendly meeting, a tray of full-flavoured, full-flavoured Tet jam and happy moments together will make Spring day more exciting. Open the door wide, open your heart - so that the meaning of Tet is still warm moments of reunion and reunion.

Visit website augiftset.vn  or call Hotline 085 818 7786 to receive advice on Tet gift boxes "Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan".

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