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Is Moving to the South a trade-off to work in the Creative field?

In the creative industry, we are quite familiar with the phrase “Southern progress” as the only way out for those passionate about the Advertising Media industry to start a business. Is this still true today? Is it true that in order to develop a career, it is necessary to lose what we love and cherish?

We, the "children" cherish in us a dream, an ambition, a desire to become "someone", to assert ourselves, to be burning with passion, to freely struggle in our lives, to work in the creative world with like-minded people, to be challenged with great projects, interesting and interesting topics, to meet the "seniors" in the industry to learn. Many northern children leave their homeland, "South advance" to find themselves the opportunity to achieve all these things, but their hearts are still confused and worried when they have to accept the trade-offs:

You have to get used to the moment of weakness in a foreign land, a little lost, and confused, telling yourself "slowly you will get used to it". Is there an opportunity in Hanoi, so that we do not need to stand between choices?

From those concerns, Aurora wishes to work with talents in the North to create an environment for creators to develop right in Hanoi:

Do you want to join Aurora on the journey to conquer the creative world in Hanoi? We welcome all levels from Trainee to Manager in Account, Visual, Content & HR positions as long as you have the desire to live and love the creative profession.

Why trade-off when you have everything here? Let's start a meaningful journey with Au at [email protected]