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Future trends of office furniture 2021

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The trend of choosing interior products of consumers in the world in general and Vietnamese consumers in particular is showing a great change, from product color, design style to materials.

Colorful design, environment friendly

Gen Z is gradually taking up a large proportion of businesses. According to PWC's forecast, it is expected that by 2025, 25% of the labor force in Vietnam will be these young and dynamic people. The structure of the industry is also gradually changing when specific occupations, especially jobs that require high creativity such as design, photography, information technology, etc. are increasingly being chosen and pursued by more and more people, which is evident in the proportion of the industry that has a need for office rental announced by CBRE Vietnam in July 2020.

Chart, pie chart

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Demand for office rental of some industries in Vietnam (Source: CBRE, 2020)

To cater to this new workforce, office supplies also need a change from color to design style. Youthful, creative-stimulating tones such as yellow and blue are being applied by many interior designers around the world, along with products with a minimalist but no less modern design that can be easily adjust the size according to each use need, helping to bring comfort to users in the workplace.

Vietnam's Gen Z In The Workplace – The Perfect Office | Vietcetera

Colorful products with creative designs will be more and more popular (Source: Dreamplex)

Besides design and color elements, healthy and environmentally friendly products are also searched and selected. The interior designs of the future need to have good support for the neck - shoulders - back as well as reduce pressure on the spine, thereby helping to increase work productivity.

The green living trend also has a strong impact on the arrangement of workspaces. In addition to adding green space in the office, many businesses (especially those interested in social responsibility) will want to use environmentally friendly furniture products or achieve certifications. origin of materials used in production.

More flexible, more creative

The appearance of Covid-19 also greatly affects the choice of office location and the employment strategy of companies. Business activities under the influence of the epidemic have caused businesses to either increase the frequency of changes in the allocation of seats in specialized areas due to distance requirements or choose working locations while still ensuring the following requirements: criteria for common space, aesthetics, but it does not cost too much initial setup like Co-working; or optimize office space. All of this leads to an increase in demand for office products that are minimalist, lightweight and easy to disassemble and move.

A group of people sitting at a table with a computer

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Keeping a distance while working due to the impact of Covid-19 (Source: Hcamag)

The future office layout will also be more creatively arranged. Instead of just using rectangular workbenches, special models such as 120 degree desks, honeycomb tables, etc. will gradually be used by businesses, especially creative ones, to inspire employees at work, thereby increasing work productivity and making them feel like they are devoted to the company.

The increasing trend of working from home due to the impact of the epidemic has also created a significant demand for home furniture. This group of customers will want to find products that bring comfort, convenience, neat and smart design, along with ease in ordering, transporting and disassembling.

Direction for Vietnamese furniture businesses

In order to reach the new generation of users as well as catch up with market trends, Vietnamese office furniture businesses need to have a suitable product improvement strategy to meet the tastes and needs of customers in terms of style. styles, designs, colors as well as optimizing the experience of using the product.

In addition to the traditional distribution channel through agents, office furniture businesses can pay attention to developing the ecommerce segment in order to increase the channel of product introduction and access to customers, providing products directly. to consumers. With interesting incentives, installation support packages and convenient return policies, Vietnamese furniture products will attract the attention of potential customers.

Besides, combining with real estate investors or office leasing, creating preferential office set-up packages is also a way to increase the coverage of Vietnamese office furniture products. This combination not only helps furniture companies increase sales, but also helps businesses renting offices to save a part of costs, but also helps real estate investors themselves in creating a synchronous working space. , professional for the whole building.

With the shift in labor structure as well as the proportion of industries, the office furniture market in general and the market in Vietnam in particular will continue to have more changes. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for Vietnamese businesses in conquering and retaining customers, continuing to strengthen the brand's position in the market./.