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Creative Trends Forecast for Tet 2023

The Covid 19 pandemic has created strange Tet seasons, changing customer’s habits in Vietnam in particular and Asian countries in general. To touch customer’s heart and create connection with them during the Tet holiday, brands took many different approaches through various visuals and content.

After 1 year of recovery, the pandemic has gradually passed. Customers are increasingly looking forward to a jubilant, joyful, and colorful year. To connect with customers more effectively in Tet 2023, marketers will need to grasp the trends of Tet 2020-2022 and predict the upcoming trends in Tet 2023.

Let's explore 04 outstanding Tet trends in the period of 2020 - 2022:

Visual Trend 01: Breaking traditional colors


Saying goodbye to the familiar red and yellow Tet colors, brands are gradually becoming breakthroughs, creating a more diverse Tet color, closely associated with the brand color.


Visual trend 02: Tet patterns inspired from traditional art


To represent a modern Tet but still keep the traditional features, folk materials are always a "gold mine" for brands to exploit.


Content Trend 01: Playful wordplay, increasing the memorability of the message


The wordplay technique including synonyms, homonyms, polysemy, etc. is one of the prominent trends of Tet 2020-2022 because of its humor and curiosity with customers.

A good example of Grab's witty wordplay Social Post - expressing Tet wishes for peace through fruits combined into the message: "Dream for peace, pray for sorrow, all things are pleasing to the eye".


Content Trend 02: Daily life stories are golden materials to conquer customers' emotions


The two years of the pandemic have brought us closer together and cherished our family moments.

"Customers may not remember the brand message, but always remember the feeling the brand gives them." So simply telling everyday stories is a clever way of advertising for a brand to touch the hearts of consumers.


Based on the Tet trends of the previous year and the latest market reports, Aurora has drawn 03 outstanding trends that are about to land in the Lunar New Year 2023. These will be new waves that will reactivate one. Tet jubilant, joyful post-pandemic.

1. Convey positive emotions


With fewer worries about the pandemic, Tet 2023 is expected to bring joy, optimism, freedom, and new experiences to customers after 2 years of "creeping".


2. Use Cat Mascot


2023 is the year of the Rabbit with the Cat as the dominant animal. This is the most sought-after animal on social media with more than 5 billion searches. Following the trend of "personalizing" the brand, Aurora predicts that the Cat will be the dominant mascot character for Tet 2023 through the highlight communication activities of the brands.

In 2021, Nescafe Maneki designed coffee cans with packaging with the mascot character cat genius. Customers not only get a more enjoyable user experience, but they also use it as a spiritual "gift" to friends and colleagues...


3. Apply Shoppertainment

According to the Tiktok Tet Express 2023 report, the Shoppertainment trend will be most popular because of the modern and fun features it brings.


👉🏻 To better understand Tet trends 2020-2022 and the forecast for Tet 2023 season, see the full report here.




The Creative Trends Forecast report aims to help brands flexibly respond to consumer tastes. With the above predictions, Aurora hopes brands will build impressive Tet campaigns, increasing customer engagement in the upcoming 2023 Tet season.

To explore more marketing trends and how Aurora applied those in our campaigns, please visit our showcases here. We believe that a coffee chat can illuminate many amazing ideas for your brand, let's go grab a coffee with us: [email protected]


Note: Article translated by Google.

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