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Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan - Open the world of Tet with thousands of fun experiences

OFFER 10% EARLY ORDER before January 14, 2023

✅ Individual customers: 10% off - the price is only VND 1,439,000 and comes with a lucky porcelain cat statue

✅ Corporate customers: 10% discount with support for printing logo on the box upon request and issuing VAT invoice.

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Dear friend,

So Tet has come close to the porch, knocking on the door signaling a reunion season is coming. Surely this will be the time when you are pondering, looking for a meaningful Tet gift to send to your loved ones after a long challenging year.

The Tet gift, although it only accounts for a small part of the hundreds of things to worry about, but "carries" important roles. On behalf of us, we send our sincere wishes, our gratitude that is hard to put into words, to our family, friends, and associates - who have always been supportive and supportive. More than a gift, it is also a means of connecting, bridging the gap, opening up stories that we have not had the opportunity to tell each other.

Understanding the desire to open a New Year world full of experiences, with strong connections - Aurora introduces you to the "Eight of Spring Festival" - A gift box that brings you back to the dear Tet memories, Explore the world of Tet with 5 vivid senses.

Touching all the flavors of Tet - Open all kinds of connections with "Spring Spring Bowl"

Leave your worries behind and return home with an open door, with a large roof to protect you from all the troubles of the old year. With that inspiration, the design of "Eight Vi Nghinh Xuan" symbolizes a warm and dear home in each person's heart - expressed through layers of paintings and delicate and luxurious needlework. The painting painted on the box vividly depicts the scene of spring sprouting on the porch, with peach apricots in full bloom, swallows flying joyfully in the sky to welcome us back home.

Behind the familiar door frame, we feel like Tet has arrived on the porch.

Prioritizing for decorative purposes, easy to reuse, "Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan" is manufactured with sturdy box material combined with soft velvet paper material. In addition, "Spring Spring Bowl" also includes a set of decorative gifts with: 08 lucky money envelopes, 08 decorative hanging strings... These are just accessories to help decorate the home in early spring, spreading the joy of welcoming Tet. ; both show the thoughtful thoughtfulness of the giver and the wishes of a prosperous and full new year.

Tet would not be complete without bonding games and laughter. The difference of "Eighth Vi Nghinh Xuan" lies in two unique integrated game versions located on the back of the box. With the board game version "You come to the house" for the occasion of meeting friends, you will definitely have to open your heart to more than 40 interesting challenges. With the version of "The whole family loves each other", this will be a bridge to help families gather together to truly bond, away from electronic devices, and bring everyone back to the dear memories of Tet.

What could be happier than the moment when we open our hearts together, celebrate with the people we cherish?

"Spring Spring Bowl" can be considered as a miniature party, when Taste - Smell are treated with 08 carefully selected Tet flavors from L'ang Farm - the leading Da Lat agricultural product brand in Vietnam. Male. The sour taste of mango, the spicy taste of beef jerky, the salty taste of cashews, the sweetness of strawberry candies, the acrid taste of green tea, the fleshy taste of lotus seeds, the taste of dried grapefruit… all promise to bring a delicious taste. Tet jam tray full of flavor, full of flavor. 

Relive the joy of childhood from eight familiar Tet flavors delivered through eight gifts

And, the owner of "Eight of Spring Festival" also receives a gift of familiar Tet sounds through an emotional podcast channel, immersed in memories that make us reminisce about the old New Year days.

“Spring Spring Bowl” is the perfect choice for a creative Tet gift, offering a variety of unique integrated experiences, suitable for multi-generational Vietnamese families. Especially during the opening and sale period, buyers of "The Bowl of Nghinh Xuan" will receive a 10% discount and a gift of red envelopes, decorative hanging strings, lucky porcelain cat figurines, etc. These are just accessories to help decorate the roof. warm early spring, spread the joy of welcoming Tet; both show the thoughtful thoughtfulness of the giver and the wishes of a prosperous and full new year.

Visit website augiftset.vn  or call Hotline 085 818 7786 to receive advice on Tet gift boxes "Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan".