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Au's Signature Story 01: Aurora becomes Professional Sponsor of Z Marketer

In the Workshop "The Marketing Hustlers" held by Z Marketer on February 26, Ms. Pham Thai Ha and Mr. Quach Tuan Anh - two Founders of Aurora had practical sharing about the approach and process. deploying a Marketing Case after many years of working.

In the first part of the conversation, the two brothers and sisters clarified the roles of the Agency and the Client and the types of projects so that you have a better view of the industry. From there, you can find the field you love and suitable for you.

With the support of technology (Ai, Chat GPT, Mid Journey), the future of the advertising communication industry will face a big change; requires personnel in the industry to find more optimal methods in terms of process and speed to meet the requirements.

The most shared topic in the Workshop was "The Light Journey" method - Aurora's creative approach and specific process when receiving a new topic: "People often think that to get from A to B, The straight line is the fastest way. But in fact, the fastest path is the most suitable and effective path for me.”

When asked how to overcome self-doubt and challenges in the career process from students, Ms. Ha reminded that:

Aurora hopes that the Workshop has helped students have more creative approaches and motivation to pursue Marketing.

Image source: Z Marketer