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Aurora Newspaper: Lessons from "beginning" with Gen Z

The English content below is automatically generated by Google translate. Please ignore any wrong wordings or you can read the Vietnamese version here or simply by changing the default language into Vietnamese.

With an endless passion for the creative world, Au always wants to build a place where Light Chasers can come to learn knowledge and skills in the industry, be proactive in their work from the experience drawn from previous projects and inspired and inspired creative ideas. 

That is the reason for the birth of the Ancestor of the Au family - a place to collect favorite stories, collect interesting ideas and squeeze useful lessons. The To Ant ecosystem includes: 

The above interesting and interesting information will be compiled by us through Aurora Newspaper which is released monthly. With the first issue of this issue, let's take a look at the "delicious bait" that the hard-working ant workers on the topic of Gen Z in this issue.

Some reference links are in the first issue, please visit the links below:

1. Kho đèn 01: Khi người chơi hệ tâm linh làm Marketing

2. Kho đèn 02: Ai xem tarot dân gian không nào?

3. Báo cáo 01: Đọc thêm về Khả năng sáng tạo của Gen Z

4. Báo cáo 02: Đọc thêm về Tâm sự của Gen Z

5. Mixtape Hà Nội: Người thợ tiện cuối cùng