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Au Notebook: TikTok Trend 2023

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Not only organizing exclusive Workshops with creative "masters" in the advertising industry, Aurora also has professional training sessions with the desire to be able to keep up with trends, especially on social networking platforms. favored by many users.

Let's discover the valuable information that has been selected by Light Chaser in reports from Tiktok, Google, Instagram!

REPORT 01: Tiktok Report 2023 “A new era of confidence” - 03 main trends dominating Tik Tok 2023

The publication “What's next 2023 - Tiktok Annual Global Trend Forecast” is designed to help Marketers understand how user wants and needs will change during the year and what that means for them. Marketing strategies (in and out of the platform).

👉🏻 TikTok Trend 01: Actionable Entertainment (Action-oriented entertainment content)

On Tik Tok, selected content is displayed based on the content that viewers find entertaining, including their attention and trust. Viewers trust and listen to content coming from Content Creators that are relevant to viewers (who have common ground in terms of backgrounds, hairstyles, etc.) or Creators who have expertise in their field.

Implementation directions:

Direction 1: "Show, don't tell"

Direction 02: "Detective" Tik Tok

Direction 03: Customer-to-Creator Pipeline (Turn customers into content creators)

👉🏻 TikTok Trends 02: Making Space for Joy (Fun, funny, valuable content)

Besides funny, fun content, users also tend to search for ways to balance their lives, take care of themselves and learn about what really makes them passionate and happy.

TikTok highlights three trend forces for 2023 - Campaign ...

Implementation directions:

Direction 01: “The Memeing of Life” (When humorous content reigns)

Direction 02: Wellbeing Your Way (To make life easier)

Direction 03: Little Luxe (Encourage users to reward themselves)

👉🏻 TikTok Trend 03: "Community - Built Ideas" trend (Content for the community)

Content is geared towards a specific community of people who share the same passions, interests, jobs, etc. And inspires people to make changes in their lives.  

Implementation directions:

Direction 01: Ask Tik Tok (Ask and search on Tik Tok)

Direction 02: Destination: Growth (Development of self, work,...)

Direction 03: Bestie Behaviour (Best friend with useful advice)

Summary: 03 main trends of Tik Tok in 2023 are Actionable Entertainment, Making Space for Joy, and Community-built ideals

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