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Au Notebook: Instagram Trend 2023

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Not only organizing exclusive Workshops with creative "masters" in the advertising industry, Aurora also has professional training sessions with the desire to be able to keep up with trends, especially on social networking platforms. favored by many users.

Let's discover the valuable information that has been selected by Light Chaser in reports from Tiktok, Google, Instagram!

REPORT 02: Instagram Trend Report 2023 - 09 major trends on Instagram

Instagram has published its 2023 Trends Report to predict the top trends that will continue to grow next year for Gen Z users, based on detailed usage data, statistics survey…

👉🏻 Instagram Trend 01: Recycle, Reuse, Renew - Sustainable Fashion

👉🏻 Instagram Trends 02: Action - Towards the community

👉🏻 Instagram Trend 03: Beauty expresses itself

👉🏻 Instagram Trends 04: Virtual Influencer Trends and Metaverse

Source: Advertising Vietnam

👉 Instagram Trends 05: Financial investment

👉🏻 Instagram Trend 06: Discovering culture through food

👉 Instagram Trend 07: The need for interaction

👉🏻 Instagram Trends 08: Music Wave

👉🏻 Instagram Trends 09: Dating Profile


9 trends that will dominate Instagram in 2023: Sustainable fashion; Action for the community; Beauty expresses itself; Virtual Influencer Trends and Metaverse; Financial Investment, Interactive Demand, Cultural Discovery through Food, Music Wave and Dating Profile.

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