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Au Notebook 01: Xu hướng Nổi bật Google 2023

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Not only organizing exclusive Workshops with creative "masters" in the advertising industry, Aurora also has professional training sessions with the desire to be able to keep up with trends, especially on social networking platforms. favored by many users.

Let's discover the valuable information that has been selected by Light Chaser in reports from Tiktok, Google, Instagram!

REPORT 03: Report “Google - Vietnam Year in Search”

After 3 years of facing the challenges and turmoil of the Covid 19 pandemic, Vietnamese people are looking for a lifestyle of their own. Google - Vietnam Year in Search has pointed out three main consumer trends.

👉🏻 Trend 01: Soul Searching (Searching for self-worth)

Brands need to aim to understand customers in a comprehensive way: gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ... but still need a personalization element in each product, each campaign. In addition, brands that portray women, minorities, and advocate for social issues are also more well-received by consumers.

👉 Trend 02: Value Hunting (Focusing on real value)

👉🏻 Trend 03: Finding Joy

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