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The English content below is automatically generated by Google translate. Please ignore any wrong wordings or you can read the Vietnamese version here or simply by changing the default language into Vietnamese.

With the spirit of learning and practice, we are able to show our creativity and practice ideas by the method of "connecting and comparing whenever possible" through an Au challenge: Transforming familiar objects. of life into a boldly interesting version by linking the themes “sea animals, animals living on land”. 

What if we invent products that make Agency life easier and happier, a road lined with roses, cupped "sorrowful", cupped "Zn"? 

At Au house, we are pleased to introduce a new set of products to step up every journey, save all situations for your Agency life. Let's explore with us 😜

Inspired by the pain of checking-in 1 minute late 💔 With a small, agile aircraft like a falcon, it is very suitable for Vietnamese streets, especially on days when traffic jams can easily slip through - Light Chasers can just arrive at the company, while brushing teeth, changing clothes and timekeeping on the plane, erasing Tanca's worries. The tank cleaning fish feature will clean up somewhere that you need to spend time rearranging things. Really love the whole family?
A divine "mouse" for Creatives, combining 02 functions of a gecko: automatic color matching and a devil-faced lamp: overflowing with ideas every time you eat "pumpkin seeds". Since then, Au's visuals have stopped crying every time they have an idea or because they don't know what color scheme to choose.
With a compact radio, delicate design attached to both ears, one mighty and hard like a newspaper, the other as flexible and clever as an eel - Account no longer has a headache when it comes to thinking about how to wording to suit the context. From now on, just say what you want, turn your head to the side you need, the radio will automatically switch from content to voice to appropriate mood & tone.
The body is tired, the spirit is depressed, the ideas are not clear, there is a "horsepower salmon pen". Meet the mystery, Bite the pen. Feeling headache, Bite the pen. Can't think, Bite the pen. You will be recharged 200% energy quickly, regain your form, the deadline is just a small thing.
Imagine a day of sitting in a chair for 8 hours, how to avoid the chronic disease "back pain, knee pain, numbness in hands". How happy it is to return home one day, the soft massage chair now has a bonus of chatting, inspired by a smart-mouthed parrot, and pleasant massage octopus tentacles. Make sure to finish using it, only "burning" with all your might.