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aFamily.vn - This Tet, let's bring our childhood back home

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When growing up, Tet is like a "challenge" to overcome at the end of the year, with many worries and responsibilities. Is that why "When you grow up, Tet is not as fun as when you were a kid"?

In childhood, Tet is an experience and fun. How many Tet seasons are so many laughs. Is it because of the pure joy of that day, that we often regret the Tet of childhood?

But in the loneliness of being an adult, sometimes we long to be a kid again, to find the New Year of our childhood, with simple joys that bring a whole heaven of anticipation...

From tasting "stealing" Mother's Tet dishes...

Someone once said, sound and smell are the two things that keep the best memories. In our childhood, everyone must have brought with them at least one scent reminiscent of Tet.

The fatty flavor of mung bean paste in the mind of childhood follows us until later.

On the afternoon of the 30th at the end of the year, from my mother's small kitchen, the taste of Tet spreads throughout the house, inviting us to taste. It is a pair of square green banh chung, fragrant and spicy with black pepper; is a bowl of braised meat with waves of colored water, salty at the tip of the tongue; is a bowl of bitter melon soup stuffed with cool meat, praying for the suffering to pass; is a bowl of pickles faintly brought to the mouth.

All create the flavor of childhood Tet imbued with spiritual values through the skillful hands of mother and grandmother.

… Come and enjoy the Tet games of laughter with relatives and friends

"Remember when I was a kid, when Tet, the children in the neighborhood huddled together to play mandarin umbrellas, seahorse chess. The whole family just waited when someone was "kissed" back to the barn to laugh happily. Now they want moments of laughter. It's so innocent, why is it so hard..."

Such memories will occasionally be recalled among childhood friends that have been reunited for a long time. The chirping voices arguing about winning and losing, the crunching laughter around the colorful chessboard created a strong bond that any adult would crave for a "childhood ticket" to Feel the priceless joy intact.

Eight Flavors of Nghinh Xuan - Bringing innocence back home, to Eat - Play - Enjoy Tet fully like a child

In fact, there is no Tet in childhood or Tet in modern times. In the small house, there was still the salty taste of her mother's braised meat, the bitterness in her bowl of bitter gourd soup, the delicate acrid taste when he crushed green leaves to make tea, waiting for us to return. Only the hearts of the "children of the old days" seem to have been less eager because of the pressures of adulthood and responsibility.

Inspired by those simple but dear things, with the desire to become a connecting thread and open up a Tet world full of experiences, "Spring Spring Bowl" is a Tet gift box packed full of life. childhood Tet, satisfying the recipient's five senses.

Touching all the flavors of Tet - Open all kinds of connections with "Spring Spring Bowl"

With an eye-catching design that simulates the eaves of the traditional Tet house with the highlight of the spring door frame, "Eighth Vi Nghinh Xuan" recreates the scene of spring sprouting in front of the porch with blooming peach apricots, swallows flying in the sky. …  The door on the box also symbolizes the wish of a roof that is always open to welcome us back.

Behind the familiar door frame, we feel like Tet has arrived on the porch.

“Eat of Nghinh Xuan” is not only produced with a sturdy box material combined with soft velvet paper, but also touches the recipient's emotions through two unique integrated game versions located at back of the box. If "You come to the house" is for the occasion of meeting friends, "The whole family loves each other" is the bridge of families, bringing crispy laughter on the occasion of the New Year.

What could be happier than the moment when we open our hearts together, celebrate with the people we cherish?

Taste - Smell is treated to a feast of 08 carefully selected Tet flavors from L'ang Farm - the leading high-quality Dalat agricultural product brand in Vietnam. The sour taste of mango, the spicy taste of beef jerky, the salty taste of cashews, the sweetness of strawberry candies, the acrid taste of green tea, the fleshy taste of lotus seeds, the taste of dried grapefruit… all promise to bring a delicious taste. Tet jam tray full of flavor, full of flavor.

Relive the joy of childhood from eight familiar Tet flavors delivered through eight gifts

Tet, in fact, is always Tet, still intact if we keep our childhood excitement in every gift we eat, every gift we give, every happy moment with the people we cherish.

“Spring Spring Bowl” is the perfect choice for a creative Tet gift, offering a variety of unique integrated experiences, suitable for multi-generational Vietnamese families. Especially during the opening and sale period, buyers of "The Bowl of Nghinh Xuan" will receive a 10% discount and come with lucky money bags, decorative hanging strings, lucky porcelain cat figurines, etc. These are both accessories to help decorate the home. early spring; both show the thoughtfulness of the giver and the wishes of a prosperous and full new year.

Visit website augiftset.vn  or call Hotline 085 818 7786 to receive advice on Tet gift boxes "Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan".