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04 Outstanding Marketing Trends for the Banking Industry

Generation Z is growing more and more, creating great challenges for banks in terms of new transformation: younger, smarter, more technological, and more modern.

With the support of the Government, the program "National digital transformation to 2025, orientation to 2030" was launched with the expectation of bringing about economic and social development. So, what do banks need to do, and how to change the way they communicate to catch up with that trend?

πŸ‘‰πŸ»  Join Aurora to discover in detail 04 outstanding Marketing Trends for the Banking industry.

Trend 01: Banks have a new role: Customer's financial coach

Financial management with Gen Z is a challenge when they are faced with countless consumer pitfalls. Therefore, the desire to be supported and accompanied on the way of spending - saving is an essential need of young people.

A good example of a "financial coach" is Barclays Bank - the Bank of England pioneering the creation of an intimate financial language with unique features.

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Trend 02: Personalization is on the throne, conquering hearts with understanding

The trend of personalization is an inevitable condition in the financial industry to attract and maintain customer loyalty.

Trend 03: Gamification is applied in the financial world through entertainment and two-way interaction.

Gamification is an ideal touchpoint for brands to interact directly with customers while educating them about app features in a fun, entertaining way.

Both banks have received positive results with more than 100,000 people participating and active on the application.

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Trends 04: Build a virtual banking assistant

When visualizing a brand, the brand not only creates an emotional attachment but also creates a vivid image in the customer's mind.

It can be seen that by creating vivid characters, the bank has both the advantage of being more proactive in terms of communication because of having a representative face and creating unique technological touch points with customers in the virtual world.

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In the face of the ever-changing MarCom wave, Aurora suggests a number of activities for banks so that the brand can keep up with the trend and lead the market with unique campaigns.

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The Report of Marketing Trends & Suggestions for Banks is a must-have report for Marketers in the Banking and Finance sector. The report not only helps to provide a perspective on the MarCom Finance wave but also provides different and potential ideas.

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