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04 Outstanding Creative Trends for Brand Birthday Events

Birthdays are an opportunity for brands to affirm their position and honor their strong development. This event is sometimes even more invested than an IMC campaign, with a series of highlight activities and unique incentives for customers.

In the midst of familiar ways such as launching promotional codes, great gifts, etc., how to make the brand choose for itself a new direction, honoring its personal color?

👉🏻 Join Aurora to discover outstanding creative birthday campaigns in Vietnam and the world in many different categories. Who knows, from here, marketers will come up with more unexpected million-dollar ideas?

Trend 01: A historical story that asserts its position

With long-standing brands, the history of formation and development are considered USPs that speak of prestige and sustainability.

👉🏻 For a deeper understanding of the above activities, visit the Birthday Creative Trends Report Here.

Trend 02: Community-oriented birthdays with CSR activities

CSR activities are how the brand cleverly honors its role, affirming its companionship with the sustainable development of the community, thereby increasing customers' love for the brand.

👉🏻 For a deeper understanding of the above activities, visit the Birthday Creative Trends Report Here.

Trend 03: Celebrate your birthday with a personalization strategy

Birthdays are an occasion for brands to talk about themselves, but HSBC, Baemin, Tiki, or Oreo all choose to talk about customers with personalized messages.

👉🏻 As for Tiki and Oreo, how have they implemented their personalization strategy for their birthdays? Find out more details Here.

Trend 04: Grand Promotion – A huge promotion with unique rules

👉🏻 To see the detailed content of the above case study, immediately visit the Creative Birthday Trends version Here!

The Creative Birthday Trend Suggestion is based on prominent birthday campaigns in Vietnam and around the world in various categories. With the above suggestions, Aurora hopes to help brands lead the trends and build outstanding birthday campaigns in the market.

To see more of how Aurora innovates and applies the latest Marketing trends, visit the campaigns we've done here. A coffee session can be the start of many great ideas, book an appointment with us at: [email protected].