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We are a boutique consultant agency in Vietnam.

Not a fan of the age-old, complicated agency model, Aurora is a gathering spot of talented people who always keep burning passions for works, curiosities to explore the world, and attempts to strive for the best solutions and long-term results.

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Turning ambitious brands into market leaders is our mission.
We believe that only those brands with the courage to see things in different ways can create astonishing light and brighter future in the competitive, noisy and unstable world.
The light of magic happens when we combine seemingly opposites and contradictions together.
At Aurora, creativity meets performance, data meets imagination and technology meets humanity.
Here’s to the ones who always love their brand with all of their hearts.
To all the sleepless nights, all the loneliness, all the moments of feeling lost or stuck in the darkness you have been through.
Who believe that the power of the astonishing light in their brand can change the world. That the only limitation is imagination, and what we have to do is constantly push ourselves forward. That the childhood curiosity should be cherished, because it helps create unignore creativity. That in a world of “cannot”, there is always a magic power of “Why not?” That the power of discipline and detail-oriented can make good become great, and a small step every day will lead the way to legendary. That sincerity and positivity will be valued above artifice and vanity.

Take courage to step out of your comfort zone, fight the invisibility and create astonishing results.
Together, let’s build something more meaningful with good intentions and make good impacts on people.
Be bold to shine.
Be the light to lead.

Core Values

Creativity requires courage. We are talking about the courage to take you out of your comfort zone, to fight invisibility, to push ourselves towards and create astonishing moments.
Constant learning, discipline and obsession with every little detail are in our DNA. We continually improve the work we do, from “shoot for the moon” projects down to daily work. The great just isn’t enough, because each morning, you have another chance to make it better.
We value and encourage sincerity and positivity. There is one thing common to all great brands: Make a positive difference in society. The best things always come from the combination of both mind and heart.
Speed and agile are our superpower. In a world of “cannot”, we work with a strong will of “why not?”. This spirit is deeply embedded into our mindset, driving us to deliver on time while allowing amazing things to happen.
Which marketing problems keep you up at night?
Get more zzz’s because we can provide you the best solutions.
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Our light comes from our members

Meet our Light Chasers

We are: Passionate collaborators, brand builders, creative monsters, curious problem solvers, visionary light chasers and limit breakers.
Also us: Pet lovers, foodaholics, milktea lovers, sweetaholics.
At Aurora, boldness is rewarded, ideas are celebrated over egos, and curious explorers are encouraged to break their own limits.

Light your own fire, Live your life matter.

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